Dormitory Representatives

Dormitory Representatives

Andreas Tebelius


Michael Keuschnig


Svitlana Koliesnikova

HvStv Panorama

Sabina Mujkanovic

HvStv LM1A

wird gesucht

HvStv LM1

Arnela Butkovic

HvStv FG16


The activities and life in the dormitory is under the management of the dorm representation, which includes the Dorm Representative of the Campus, his depuyties, the financial officer and the head of the supervisory board. Once in a month there is a public meeting with all the floor representatives, where decisions are made about the destribution of the dormitory budget and the maintenance of the departments. Once in a year there is a "Heimvollversammlung" where all ordinary students of the Campus Brigittenau are eligible to vote for the Dormitory Representatives.

Every person who lives in the dormitory is more than welcome to join the dorm representatives and become involved in their work.  

- Problems with your roommate
- social rent consession
- organisation and coordination of the departments
- contact to WIHAST

Office: every Monday 7:00 - 9:00 pm 
(except vacations)

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