TV Room


Do you want to see a movie or to watch a soccer game over SKY ? Than contact the Referenten of our TV-Room department. You can also play on your PlayStation here, or Xbox, or something else. There is a HD beamer and a really good soundsystem.

There are almost no boundaries for your imagination.

Costs*: 2€/hour (privat), Deposit: 20€
           0,50€ per open events.

* Prices are valid for the students of the Campus Brigittenau and are used for the maintainance of the equipement of our Referat-rooms.

The room is currently closed by the Wihast (due to Corona lockdown November 2021)!

Upcoming Events



Mirna, Shpetim



Location Plan

building Panorama
right corridor
2nd door on the left side



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