We provide you a fiber optic cable with high speed internet access – just register your device at our office.

Opening times can be found on the computer department door and the Facebook page -

By default, we offer internet by a cable (a cable can be bought at the office). If you want to use Wi-Fi, you can bring your own router or you buy one in our office. 

Costs* : internet is € 5 / month, price for the cable is 4 € (5 meters long)

* Prices are valid for the students of the Campus Brigittenau and are used for the maintainance of the whole equipement of our Referat-rooms.

What to consider
Use a virus scanner and keep your computer updated! Otherwise you might be blocked out of the network. Our recommendation: Avira and Avast (also available as a free version) Note: "Trial versions" run out after a certain time.

Performing regular system updates, makes less vulnerable to viruses (especially on Windows systems).

IP address and DNS server should be set to “automatic”

NOTE: There is an upload limit. Your upload is limited to 8GB in 24 hours and 16GB in 72 hours. In particular P2P services (Torrent, Streaming, etc.) generate a lot of upload. You can use the program Netbalancer for controlling you upload (Instructions: )

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Location Plan

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